Amsterdam Airport

  •  Last updated on 5 Oct 2023

KLM Boeing 777-300ER at Amsterdam Airport”, by Simply Aviation, licensed under CC BY 2.0 / cropped and blurred from the original

Amsterdam Airport

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, with its IATA airport code AMS, is one of the most well-known airports in Europe and the biggest airport the Netherlands is served by. Serving as a major international hub, it connects millions of travelers to destinations across the globe. 

History of Schiphol Airport Amsterdam

Schiphol Airport in Holland traces its origins back to 1916 when it began as a military airbase. Over the years, it evolved and expanded, transforming into a civilian airport. Officially opening its doors in 1920, Schiphol Airport quickly became an essential transportation hub for the Netherlands. Throughout its history, the airport has undergone numerous renovations and expansions to accommodate the growing number of travelers.

Getting to/from AMS Airport

Situated just nine kilometers southwest of Amsterdam's city center, Amsterdam Airport offers various transportation options for convenient access. One of the most popular ways to reach the airport is by train. Schiphol railway station, located directly beneath the airport, provides frequent connections to and from Amsterdam Central Station, as well as other major cities in the Netherlands.

For those preferring road transport, there are excellent motorway connections to and from the airport, allowing easy access by car, taxi, or private transfer. Additionally, several bus services operate between the airport and various destinations in the surrounding area, providing an affordable and convenient travel option.

Facilities at the Airport of Amsterdam

Schiphol boasts a modern and efficient infrastructure designed to cater to the needs of travelers. The airport features a single, large terminal where both domestic and international flights are handled. Passengers can easily navigate the terminal's well-organized layout, which includes designated areas for check-in, security checks, and departure lounges as well as areas for baggage claim, customs, and ground transportation.

Within the terminal, travelers can enjoy a wide range of amenities and services. Duty-free shops offer a diverse selection of products, including fashion, electronics, and souvenirs. Numerous restaurants, cafes, and bars cater to various culinary preferences, providing a chance to indulge in both local and international cuisine. Additionally, the airport provides facilities such as currency exchange services, luggage storage, and comfortable seating areas for relaxation. There are several hotels located within the airport complex, offering comfortable accommodation for passengers with layovers or early-morning departures.

The airport offers special assistance services for travelers with reduced mobility or specific needs, ensuring a smooth and inclusive travel experience for everyone both upon arrival and departure.

Flights & Airlines at Amsterdam NL Airport

As one of Europe's major aviation hubs, Schiphol Airport hosts a wide range of airlines and flight connections. In 2022, the airport handled over 50 million passengers, making it one of the busiest international airports in Europe. At Amsterdam Airport passengers have access to an extensive network of domestic and international destinations.

The airport serves as a primary gateway to the Netherlands, attracting visitors from around the world. Additionally, it offers connections to various European, African, and Asian destinations. Some of the main destinations for flights departing from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol include:

  • Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO)
  • London Heathrow Airport (LHR)
  • Copenhagen Airport (CPH)
  • Dublin Airport (DUB)
  • Barcelona-El Prat Airport (BCN)
  • Frankfurt Airport (FRA)
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)
  • Lisbon Airport (LIS)
  • Munich Airport (MUC)

Many renowned airlines operate at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines being the national carrier of the Netherlands. Other major airlines serving the airport include:

  • Air France
  • British Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Transavia
  • Emirates
  • Delta Air Lines.

Low-cost carriers like easyJet and Ryanair also offer affordable options for travelers.


Our recent data indicates that 54 passengers departing from Amsterdam Airport submitted their flight compensation claims for the amount of 15100 EUR for the last 7 days.

Data shown are estimates, based on internal databases.

Many of the airlines operating in Amsterdam Airport adhere to the EU 261 regulation of 2004 (EC No 261/2004), which provides rights and protections to passengers in cases of flight delays, flight cancellations, and denied boarding. Under this regulation, passengers may be entitled to compensation, assistance, and reimbursement of expenses, depending on the circumstances of the flight disruption.

In case you have experienced Amsterdam Airport delays or cancellations, you can easily check your flight compensation using the flight compensation calculator below.

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