With Compensair you will

Become a partner

Compensair partnership program fits

Tourist agencies


Booking services


Media resources

Insurance companies

Private agents

Application processing flow

Work with Compensair means:

Transparent system: personal profile for partner and for client
5% of all compensations of your clients
No obligations for partner
Prevention of errors thanks to automatization of the process

You can choose any of the three options


Application data can be transferred automatically after client's consent. Opportunity to work only under your brand


Place the widget on your website and get commission for all clients who submit an application


Get your 5% commission for all successful cases that have reached us with your UTM mark
You will get instructions about all three options after registration

Enter the number of tickets to calculate the average amount of compensation

tickets* on average accrue to €600 of compensation**

*The expiration period for compensation claims varies between 2 and 6 years. Write to us to get a more precise calculation

**This calculation is based on average delays data and should not be considered a public offer

Fill in the form and become Compensair partner

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