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Your rights

According to European Commission Regulation 261/2004 and Turkish Regulation On Air Passenger Rights, if your flight was delayed, you are eligible for compensation. The flight must satisfy the necessary conditions.

The compensation for delayed/cancelled flight or denied boarding can be €125-€600. The amount can vary with flight distance and delay duration (below you can find detailed information on the compensation size).

The condition is that one of the following happened to you:

  • Your flight is delayed for more than 3 hours
  • Your flight is cancelled
  • Your flight is delayed for less than 3 hours, but you miss a connection flight and arrive to your final destination more than 3 hours late
  • You were denied boarding because of lack of vacant seats (overbooking)

Other conditions:

  • The flight must have been commenced no later than 6 years ago;
  • The flight must not be delayed due to weather or other extraordinary conditions.

Your flight route and airline should comply with certain criteria to fall under the regulation of the EU law

Route \ Airline Airline is from EU Airline is not from EU
From outside EU to outside EU Nei Nei
From outside EU to EU Ja Nei
From EU to outside EU Ja Ja
From EU to EU Ja Ja

...or the Turkish regulation

Route \ Airline Airline is from Turkey Airline is not from Turkey
From outside Turkey to outside Turkey Nei Nei
From outside Turkey to Turkey Ja Nei
From Turkey to outside Turkey Ja Ja
From Turkey to Turkey Ja Ja

Compensation calculation

You can calculate your compensation with the help of the table below or via our calculator absolutely free. The compensation amount varies between €125 and €600. Average compensation among our clients amounts to €450.

Passenger rights

Above all, the compensation is only a supplement to the relief provided by airlines for the passengers of delayed flights. The provisions must include:

  • Refreshments
  • Free meals appropriate to the delay;
  • Free hotel accommodation if an overnight stay is required;
  • hotel transfers if an overnight stay is required;
  • Two free phone calls, faxes or emails;

However, you are not entitled to compensation if:

  • You were informed about the cancellation 14 days prior to the flight;
  • The airline has offered you an alternative flight on the same route and time.

In case of flight cancellation due to extraordinary circumstances, the airline has to offer its passengers one of the following:

  • Ticket refund (full price or the unused part of it);
  • An alternative transport to your destination;
  • Rebooking your flight to a later date, providing that it fits the passengers and the airline.

Compensation for denied boarding

In case of overbooking the airline must first look for volunteers who wish to abandon their booking in exchange for particular benefits. The airline must provide these volunteers with two options:

  • Full refund of your ticket price;
  • Route change.

If the passengers opts for route change, the airline must provide him further support. It may include meals and refreshments, telephone communications, accommodation and transportation from the airport.

If you are not willing to abandon your booking and you are denied of boarding, you are entitled to compensation of €250-€600 for every passenger in addition to the full price of your ticket.

Connection flights

The rules of obtaining a compensation apply to connection flights exactly the same way. The only difference might be intermediary points outside EU or operation by several EU, which can affect the applicability of 261/2004. The thing you should consider is your departure and arrival points in your itinerary.

If one or more flights were delayed or cancelled, the total delay to our final destination point determines your right for compensation.

All connection flights must be booked under a single booking code. If you book several flights under different booking codes, each will be regarded as a separate flight with own starting and final points.

Kompensasjon etter tyrkisk lov

For innenlandsflygninger i Tyrkia, som ble kansellert, forsinket eller ombordstigning nektet, har hver passasjer rett til en flat kompensasjon på 100 EUR.

Når internasjonale flyvninger blir kansellert, har hver passasjer rett til kompensasjon på 125 til 600 euro, avhengig av flyavstanden og forsinkelsestiden.